CSAT: Certified Sex Addiction Therapist Training and Certification

The Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT®) training provides therapists with an expertise not acquired by other “professionals”. Dr. Patrick Carnes created the CSAT training to teach therapist the “task approach” to addiction recovery. Dr. Carnes, author of many books including Out of the Shadows, found that those struggling with sexual addiction had greater recovery success if they worked through the tasks. He wrote Facing the Shadows which is a workbook containing the first 7 (of 30) of the recovery tasks. The Recovery Zone workbook is the continuation of the tasks.

CSATs are trained with over 120 hours of classroom time and a minimum of 30 hours of supervision with a CSAT trained Supervisor to assess clients and help guide them through the task work. It is a rigorous process and provides a level of expertise that the 1-2 day workshop certifications cannot provide.

If you are a therapist and interested in becoming a CSAT trained therapist, visit www.iitap.com for more information. If you are someone seeking help, you can find a CSAT trained therapist in your area on www.sexhelp.com.

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