The History of IITAP

Dr. Patrick Carnes has been training therapists in the task approach to addiction recovery for more than 20 years. He created the International Institute for Trauma & Addiction Professionals (IITAP®) as an organization to provide the structure for the trainings as well as the administration necessary to provide and manage the CSAT education and certification. IITAP assesses the qualification of each potential candidate, requires ethical standards and, once the therapist is fully certified, ongoing continuing education so that the CSAT trained therapists are as skilled as possible in their work with clients.

Though the certifications were originally administered by another organization, IITAP has been in existence for approximately 10 years. IITAP continues to work to train therapists all over the world so that there is qualified, CSAT trained help where ever someone is seeking it. We have made great strides but know that there are still many areas where there is no CSAT trained help or that is severely underserved. If you are a therapist and want additional information about the CSAT training and certification program, visit or e-mail

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