Help with Sex Addiction

The road to recovery is not an easy journey. That's why our main goal is to make finding the resources you need a seamless process. We offer all of the support tools you will need, including access to CSAT-certified practitioners near you. 


What a  CSAT therapist can do for you

For the Addict

Assessments to help determine the best course of treatment to optimize recovery. Trained professionals have access to the sexual D.I. which providers your therapist with critical information to help you create a treatment plan including identification of what recovery will consist of for you.

Resources- if a higher level of care is warranted, whether an intensive or inpatient, a CSAT can help find the best fit for you.

Minimize time in therapy. So many clients have shared that they sought treatment from a number of non-IITAP trained professionals- spinning their wheels while often things continued to deteriorate until they found an IITAP trained professional.

For the Partner

Partners often feel traumatized as the awareness of the addiction comes to light. A CSAT trained therapist provides support and can help you move forward. CSATs have access to tools for partners and often have partner support groups.


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