Sexual Addiction Support Groups

Our calendar of events features some of the most well-known, respected sex addiction specialists in the nation, and they're available to help you.

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New Beginnings

I will be starting a therapy group for individuals struggling with sex addiction or believe they might have issues in this area.  My experience in the field has shown that this form of addiction is a very common primary or co-occuring addiction. We will make use of the first seven tasks in Patrick Carnes recovery model, introduced in his seminal book “Facing the Shadows.”

We will explore the following:
  1. Breaking through Denial
  2. Understanding the Nature of the Illness
  3. Surrendering to the process
  4. Admitting damage from the behavior
  5. Establish Society
  6. Ensuring physical health and integrity
  7. Participating in a culture of support
Groups will be limited to 8 people.
If you or someone that you know might be interested please do not hesitate to contact me by private message or phone (786) 290 0935.

Facing the Shadow Group

Please contact me for details.

Men's Conscious Recovery - Monday

Mondays 6PM-8PM.  Spectrum Recovery Solutions, Estero, FL.  Open fee-based ongoing therapy group for men in recovery from sexual addiction and multiple addictions.  This group supports an individual task focus, using Facing the Shadow and Recovery Zone as a foundation.  Other elements include DBT skills of mindfulness practice, distress tolerance, emotion regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness.  Group is structured in 12 week semesters and commitment to a minimum of 25 groups is required.  This group presently has a waiting list.

Partner's Group


If your life has been turned upside down by a whirlwind of betrayal, anger and confusion brought on by a loved one’s sexual acting out behavior, then you are not alone. Many unsuspecting people wake up every day only to find that someone they love and care for has been living a life of lies and deceit due to the disease of sex addiction; a heart-wrenching disease that is often shrouded in secrecy and shame. If you would like a supportive therapy group to sort through the wreckage and to help your family do the same, then this is the group for you. An initial screening will be required for participation. For group availability and pricing, please call Robin Watts at (940)367-7253 or e-mail Robin at:

Healing in Recovery with Partners

This is an ongoing group for partners of sex and love addicts that are past the crisis stage.  Please contact for more information on this group and the many others offered at Willow Tree.

Bright Hearts Phase 1 & 2 Men's Growth Group

Bright Hearts Counseling in Lynnwood Washington facilitates weekly Men's Sexual Addiction Therapy Groups starting the first week of each calendar quarter and running approximately 10 weeks (with breaks between quarters) using Dr. Patrick Carnes' "Facing The Shadows" (phase 1) and "Recovery Zone" (phase 2).  Call (206) 679-4321 to speak with owner and facilitator Jeff VanZant regarding eligibility requirements.

Facing the Shaow Group Columbia, MD

New to the Maryland Area!

Facing the Shadow group starting on 4/28/14. The group will work through the Facing the Shadow

workbook which covers the first seven tasks on the road to recovery from Sexual Addiction. The group will 

meet for 10 weeks from 7:00 - 8:30PM.  For more details and/or to signup for the group, please call

Earl Klebe, LCSWC CSAT(Candidate) at (443)878-3154 or email me at 

Spots are limited so call or email now. 


Facing the Shaow Group

New to the Maryland Area!

Facing the Shadow group starting on 4/28/14. The group will work through the Facing the Shadow

workbook which covers the first seven tasks on the road to recovery from Sexual Addiction. The group will 

meet for 10 weeks from 7:00 - 8:30PM.  For more details and/or to signup for the group, please call

Earl Klebe, LCSWC CSAT(Candidate) at (443)878-3154 or email me at 

Spots are limited so call or email now. 


Men's Sexual Addiction Recovery Group

Facing the Shadow is a group of up to 8 men who meet weekly to work through the 7 Tasks of Recovery from Sexual Addiction.  Groups are ongoing so clients are free to join anytime.  



Reduce Shame

Many men think that if only they felt enough shame they would stop their behavior.  But, that is simply not true.  Paradoxically, it is the experience of acceptance in the midst of failure that leads to long lasting change.  By taking risks to share honestly in a group those struggling with addiction can reduce the toxic shame that leads them to act out.     


Inside every person who struggles with addiction is a lobbyist whose special interest is the addiction.  The lobbyist works against the individual's best interest in the form of distorted thinking patterns.  The group setting exposes the lobbyist and the distorted thinking patterns that keep the addiction in place.

Foundational Change  

For most, addiction grew out of our first group experience: our family.  Like the grooves in river beds our family experiences washed over us and created deep grooves in our being.  Some of the grooves may have been helpful but other grooves led us to addiction.  Fortunate for us the part of the brain that deals with emotional/relational intelligence can be reshaped.  Because we were shaped in a group experience it is through a group experience we can be reshaped.   

Teen Pornography Addiction Recovery Group

The Teen Recovery Program is a 10-week program for young men that involves weekly group meetings, individual sessions and a parent seminar.  Teens will cover the 7 tasks of Recovery from Pornography or Sexual Addiction.  


Groups are essential for addiction recovery.  Especially for teens.  Individual and group therapy combined offer the best chance at healing the adolescent brain.  Pornography addiction is a form of brain damage.  Fortunately, there is a way to heal the still forming adolescent mind.  

Band of Brothers.  Teens are the most susceptible to pornography addiction yet most do not have a safe place to talk about their struggles with other teens.  We know that addiction festers in the shadows and in secrecy.  Groups offer teens a chance to walk in the light and learn that they are not the only ones.  

Coaching.  Many accountability groups can become ineffective.  They can be ineffective because the individuals do not have the skills and tools to help one another.  I not only offer teens a chance to share but the skills to become effective partners to one another in the recovery journey.  

Tools and a Map.  Using a task model, teens will learn where they are on the map of recovery and gain the tools needed to progress to the next level.  They will learn how pornography addiction works, techniques for stopping behaviors and how to focus more on life-giving activities.

Certified Treatment Partners

Category: Residential Treatment

Gentle Path at The Meadows was founded by Dr. Patrick Carnes and is the only treatment program with his personal involvement—meeting individually with each patient during their treatment. We offer confidential inpatient treatment for men 18 and older who battle sexual addiction, relationship addiction, and sexual anorexia. We integrate Dr. Patrick Carnes’ methodology with The Meadows Model and The Meadows’ signature Survivors Week to concurrently address sex addiction and trauma.

Category: Residential Treatment

Pine Grove's Gratitude is a program for those struggling with sexual addiction, relationship addiction, sexual anorexia and sexual trauma. This program incorporates Dr. Patrick Carnes’ 30 task-model, as well as, art therapy, psycho-drama, team building, small and large therapy groups, and informative lectures.  Gratitude has an experienced, multi-disciplinary staff including psychiatrists, addictionologists, pyschologists, and licensed therapists.

Category: Outpatient Treatment

The Sexual Recovery Institute in Los Angeles (SRI) offers confidential, state-of-the-art, intensive relationship and sexual addiction treatment in an intimate, affordable, short-term outpatient setting. The SRI program provides a structured, focused multi-dimensional therapy process designed to disrupt and eliminate problem patterns of sexual behavior, while offering concrete direction and hope toward change to both clients and loved-ones alike.

Category: Residential Treatment

The Substance Abuse and Intimacy Disorders (SAID) Program at Promises Malibu is a men's substance abuse treatment program with a dual focus on the drug and alcohol abuse/addiction

The Center for Sexual Recovery at The Ranch (CSR) provides dedicated, residential, gender-separate, relationship and sexual addiction treatment. Our primary goal is to help clients confront and eliminate secretive, destructive patterns of sexual and romantic behavior, while simultaneously addressing past trauma, relationship and emotional stability concerns, all of which lie at the heart of most intimacy disorders. The Ranch is also strongly committed to the emotional health and healing of those spouses, partners and families whose lives are disrupted by the consequences of sex and romantic addition.

Category: Residential Treatment

Prescott House is an extended care treatment facility in Arizona for men who need further treatment beyond primary inpatient treatment for a wide range of personal issues. We offer a supportive environment that embraces the principles of 12-Step programs to treat alcoholism and other drug addictions, PTSD, codependency, sexual recovery, adult children of alcoholics, self esteem issues, severe entitlement, relapse prevention, depression, gambling issues and dual diagnosis including: depression ADD, ADHD, Bi-Polar Disorder and Anxiety.

In 2009, Dr. Omar Minwalla founded The Institute for Sexual Health (ISH), establishing the founding clinical and academic institution of the Sex Addiction-Induced Trauma Model (SAITM), which changes sex addiction treatment.  Since then, ISH has provided high-quality intensive treatment for sex addiction-compulsivity, including partners and couples.   ISH currently offers a 9-Day Intensive Treatment for Men with Dr. Minwalla, a 6-Day Intensive for Partners, and a Personalized Couples program.  We also provided educational workshops for clients and offer professional training for therapists based on the SA-Induced Trauma Model (SAITM).  Read more…

Caron Treatment Centers in the largest non-profit organization dedicated to the treatment and prevention of the disease of addiction.  With more than 525 beds throughout Pennsylvania, Texas and Florida, Caron offers the most comprehensive continuum of evidence-based, addiction treatment programs for adolescents/teens, young adults, adults, baby boomers, seniors and their families.    Caron recognizes the value of specialized screenings, comprehensive assessments, individual and group counseling, as well as educational lectures as effective strategies when treating individuals and  their families struggling with Addiction Interaction Disorder (AID) – a process whereby multiple addictions not only coexist, but interact, reinforce and fuse together such as drugs and alcohol, gambling, sex, eating, work or the Internet.

LHC special expertise is in treating the individual with complex, interrelated problems, including emotional trauma, drug/alcohol dependence, mood & anxiety disorders, related behaviors such as compulsive sexual, eating, gambling, spending, or self-harm. Many of our clients have a history of unsuccessful previous treatment, & where that is the case, they seek to break the cycle of relapse. By focusing on the whole person rather than 1 or 2 disorders, the clinicians can think outside the box to develop an integrated treatment plan that best meets the needs of each client.

Category: Residential Treatment

The Refuge - A Healing Place is an adult residential extended care rehab facility located in Marion County, Florida, specializing in addictions and post-traumatic stress disorder resolution that's based on the premise of healing with care, spirituality, and gentleness. The addiction rehab services at The Refuge are designed for those whose unresolved trauma leads them to relapse; The Refuge is for those whose pain feels insurmountable; The Refuge was founded on being able to provide our clients with the restoration of Hope, Recovery, and Healing.

Category: Outpatient Treatment

Psychological Counseling Services, Ltd. (PCS) is a group practice specializing in intensive outpatient therapy. We are experts in relationship problems, marriage and family issues, compulsivity, depression, codependence, anxiety, eating disorders, and trauma resolution. In addition, we specialize in providing help for sex therapy and sexual addiction; issues often rooted in childhood trauma stemming from deprivation or abuse (physical, emotional, or sexual). Consequently, all of our therapists are trained to deal with family of origin issues. In addition to the intensive outpatient program, Intensive Steps to Health and Wholeness, PCS provides regular outpatient psychotherapy services for most mental health concerns.

Category: Outpatient Treatment

Effective, results-based therapy treatment for people living with sex addiction in the New York area.

Center For Healthy Sex is a sex addiction treatment and sex therapy team in Los Angeles California. We've helped people from all walks of life with sex addiction in L.A. County. Face and conquer your sexual addictions or dysfunctions today.

 Category: Residential and Outpatient Treatment 

Bellwood Health Services has provided comprehensive residential treatment for Canadians struggling with sex addiction since 2001. As the first treatment and education centre in Canada to offer a residential program for sex addiction, Bellwood's program is delivered by a skilled team that includes Certified Sex Addiction Specialists (CSAT) and uses the highly effective task-centered model of treatment developed by Dr. Patrick Carnes. Bellwood also offers comprehensive treatment for individuals struggling with a co-occurring substance abuse issue.


Category: Residential Treatment

The Keystone Center Extended Care Unit was established in 1994 by Patrick Carnes PhD, the leading expert in sex addiction treatment. Since that time our treatment team has adapted Carnes' wisdom to address the emotional, intellectual, and relational needs of the people who pass through our doors. It has become known to many as 'the house of pain" in reference to all of the painful yet healing work that goes on here.

Category: Outpatient Treatment

Millennium offers state-of-the-art recovery opportunities for persons struggling with sexual addiction and compulsivity. This cutting-edge program bridges the gap between inpatient treatment and weekly therapy and is a valuable tool for addicts of all kinds and their families. We offer the Recovery Start Intensive (RSI), an intensive outpatient program offered within schedule options that keep the constraints of the professional in mind. Our Recovery Start Groups (RSG) are cohort groups that require a six-month commitment.

Mt Pleasant Academy is designed to treat adolescent males from the ages 12 to 18 with sexual compulsive behaviors, sexual reactive behaviors, and sexual addictive behaviors. Our Mt Pleasant team of professionals will provide a thorough assessment on each individual and measure their level of risk and implement a treatment plan to intervene at the level of need or risk. Our team consists of master level therapists who are CSAT Certified as well as substance abuse counselors. Areas of focus will be the following;

  • Understanding personal responsibility, choice and accountability
  • Behavioral self-control (interruption of patterns of dysfunctional behavior
  • Learn and understand pro-social behavior
  • Learn, understand and identify healthy and appropriate self-expression
  • Develop healthy and appropriate relationships with children, peers and adults
  • Build self-esteem/worth and personal identity
  • Interrupt and control identified thinking errors and minimization
  • Learn to live an addiction free lifestyle
  • Improved mental health and intellectual skills and coping skills
  • Improve family functioning behaviors
  • Develop empathy of victims and others and resolve victim and community restitution
  • Improve healthy interventions, competency, and resiliency

Category: Residential Treatment

Santé Center for Healing offers hope and treatment to those suffering from alcohol addiction, drug addiction and other behavioral health issues. Patients at Santé receive a spectrum of therapeutic addiction treatment addressing the whole person; mind, body and emotions.

An adult, dual diagnosis, residential treatment center, Santé specializes in the treatment of Substance Use Disorders, Process/Behavioral Addictions, Compulsive Behaviors, Trauma Related Issues, Co-Occurring Psychiatric Disorders, Professional and Safety Sensitive Issues, Medical Detoxification and Chronic Relapse. Treatment at Santé is an integrated approach (a multi-disciplinary team utilizing behavioral, cognitive, and interpersonal therapy) that is solution focused rather than problem focused. Santé offers Individual, group, family counseling and small sized process groups in Primary and Secondary Residential Care Treatment settings. Santé also offers Mirror Imaging, Transitional Living, Aftercare and an Intensive Outpatient Program.

Santé is located on a serene hillside, in North Texas, just outside the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. The 14 acre property offers a tranquil environment for individuals suffering from the disease of addiction. Santé is a place where one can turn their life around. A place to learn how to live life on life's terms. A place to examine one's life, stop unproductive behavior patterns and cultivate inner resources.

Category: Education

Hope & Freedom U ( is an educational website that provides sex addiction recovery resources. Their first course, I Can STOP is a 30 day streaming video course that parallels the workbook Thirty Days to Hope & Freedom From Sexual Addiction, by Gentle Path Press. This course is a good way of getting started in recovery and also a way to supplement the ongoing work a client does with a CSAT therapist.